Atlantic Mergers and Acquisitions helps people who want to buy or sell a business, or plan their business exit.


Selling a Business

Business owners may have several goals when they sell their business and we work to achieve them.  But one goal is usually more important than the others and that is selling the business for the best price.  When we sell the business, we use the M&A Process to maximize the selling price of the business.   We provide this service to businesses with $2 million to $10 million in sales.

Buying a Business

Many businesses would like to grow by acquiring other companies, but do not have the people to execute a plan. Even if they do have a qualified person, that individual may be too busy to work on strategic acquisitions. We can provide that service. We help a business develop an acquisition strategy and then execute that strategy.  We will adjust our services to what the business wants us to do.

Exit Planning

The best time to plan for the sale of the business is many years before you want to do so. The longer ahead you plan, the more time you have to execute a plan to increase the selling price. We can help you evaluate your business to see what deficiencies need to be addressed to put the business in the best shape to sell. We can also help a company execute a grow by acquisitions strategy to increase the sales and profits of the business and the eventual selling price.

Business Valuation

The selling price of a business can vary considerably, depending on who is the buyer, and how the sale is handled. For planning purposes, it is useful to find out what the fair market value of the business is. A business owner can then use this to see how that figure compares to how much is needed in a sale. We can provide general guidance based on the market approach — what businesses like yours are selling for.  We can also provide a third-party valuation by an accredited appraiser.

If you are thinking of buying a business, selling a business, need a business valuation, or want to plan for the eventual sale of your business, contact us for these services.