We work directly with a business owner to prepare for a sale well before the planned sale date

Leveraging our combined experience, we can determine and improve a business valuation so the owner can afford to sell the business and live comfortably when the sale date arrives.

Whether an owner is considering selling today or in the future, we can work together through each stage of the process. A business owner spends a great deal of time managing the business and planning for the future. Yet with all this planning, many business owners fall short in developing an exit strategy.

The purpose of an exit strategy is to position the business so the owner can leave the business when he wants to do so at the price he needs. An exit strategy could make the difference between someday successfully selling a business for a large amount or taking much less. An exit strategy is developed to meet the owner’s goals. Does the owner hope to eventually go public, sell the business to a large corporation, or pass it on to a family member or trusted employee? The exit plan is designed to meet the owner’s goals, whatever they are.

Current Financial Outlook

One of the important parts of any exit planning is to determine what the owner’s financial needs will be when he leaves the business. A skilled financial planner can conduct a thorough review of a business owner’s finances and determine whether the owner will have enough set aside to retire comfortably. This plan would include how much the owner needs to net from the sale of their business. As part of this process, it is important to determine the amount of money a business will likely bring when it is sold. A professional appraisal can give a business owner an estimate of how much he can expect to get. Taxes will be levied on any business sale, so it is important those are taken into account.

Improving the Value of the Business

In cases where the selling price of the business needs to be increased, plans need to be made to do so. Working with a Chief Financial Officer, a business owner can take steps to improve the valuation. A CFO has the knowledge necessary to look at an organization’s financials and see where improvements can be made to the bottom line. We can help the business make strategic acquisitions which will increase the revenues and profit of the business. The internal changes and strategic acquisitions could make a big difference in increasing the value of the business.