Our M&A Process to Get You the Best Price for Your Business

The Atlantic Marketing Process is designed to get the business owner the best price for the business.  We combine several methods to accomplish this.

The AMP works best when the business being sold has potential strategic buyers.  These are buyers in the same, or related, businesses who could earn more by buying the business than the business is currently earning as a standalone business.  That results from effects such as these:

  • If the buyer merges the business into their business, it will eliminate many duplicate expenses, such as some employees, rent, utilities, or an accountant. This can increase profits significantly.
  • By purchasing the business, the buyer will have access to markets, customers, people, or other assets of the seller, that will improve the combined businesses by more than the sum of the parts.
  • The buyer may eliminate a competitor, allowing it to raise prices.

Here are a list of the processes, we use to sell the business for the best price.

We write a compelling “teaser” about the business that we use to market it to all types of buyers. This teaser does not identify the business, but gives buyers the reasons they should be interested in buying the business.

We write a Confidential Information Memorandum that describes the business best to buyers who have been screened, signed confidentiality agreements, and been approved – by us, and the business owner, if preferred.

Identify the most likely strategic buyers, businesses, and contact them directly about the business being sold – while keeping its identity confidential. We use input from the business owner who knows their industry and add our own research to create the list of prospects. Putting together this list and contacting each organization on it takes a considerable amount of time.

Market the business on various Internet websites, including our own, where businesses are sold. This reaches buyers, from all over the world, who are looking for businesses to buy and go to the Internet to find them.

In most sales, we will market the business without a price and invite offers. Putting a price on the business would cap the offers. By reaching many potential buyers, we create competition between the buyers for the business, potentially raising the selling price.

Our services do not end when we get offers for the business.  The due diligence and rest of the closing process can take a considerable amount of time and our expertise.  We guide you through it and quarterback it, to make sure we reach a successful conclusion to the sale of your business.

This process is designed to get you the best price for your business.  But, it is important to remember that the market determines the selling price and no method can guarantee a particular price for a business.