Our services start with a complimentary consultation with you.

We want to learn about your business and your goals. Although we specialize in selling a business for the best price to a third party, this may not be your goal. Or, there may be issues with your business that would prevent it from selling at the best price. We will discuss these with you.

Our process starts with getting to know each other. Most of our clients have never sold a business and are not familiar with the M&A Process we use to sell businesses. We will explain it to you in our initial meeting. We will also answer other questions you have about selling your business. Most owners are very concerned about keeping the sale confidential and we will explain our procedures for keeping the sale confidential. We also want to know about your personal and business goals. Why are you thinking of selling your business? Would you be interested in staying on after the sale? We will ask you these and other questions about your goals.

We also want to know about your business. Just as you are deciding whether to have us sell your business, we are doing the same. We want to be sure we are the right M&A advisors to sell your business. We want to know about your business and industry. What are your strengths and weaknesses? How is the business and industry doing? What are the challenges and opportunities? We will ask you these and other questions about your business.

One of the steps in the process is to determine the likely selling price of your business. We can provide an estimate based on the market approach. Or, you may wish to have a third party appraisal done by an accredited business appraiser. We can provide this valuation for a fee. Whichever approach you prefer, it is important that you have a good estimate of what your business is likely to sell for.

Another service which you may wish to obtain if you are planning to retire is to have a financial planner evaluate your financial situation. A financial planner will look at your assets and income and living expenses, and give you an estimate of what your business needs to sell for to maintain the lifestyle you desire.

There is no charge for our initial evaluation and consultation with you. If we choose to move forward with our selling your business, we will sign an engagement agreement which will explain our fees.