Before putting your business on the market, you need to know what it is likely to sell for. If the sale price is likely to be lower than what you need than it is a waste of time and money to put the business on the market. We can give you an estimate of what the business is likely to sell for. There are a few ways we can do so.

The usual business appraisal will give you the “financial” value of the business. This is what the business is likely to sell for to a financial buyer. This is one that will operate the business as a standalone operation. This is good information to know. This figure is the minimum that you should expect to get from a sale. However, keep in mind that “the market” determines the price and there is no guarantee you will sell your business for at least this much. We offer third party appraisals from an accredited appraiser.
Our goal is to sell your business for more than the financial value by selling it to a strategic buyer. Since the “strategic value” depends on the buyer, making an estimate of the sale price is more difficult. However, we can give you guidance by looking at market prices and estimating what the value is to an average strategic buyer

The price at which a business will sell can vary significantly. There are buyers, companies and private equity groups, who may be willing to pay more for a business because of its value to the buyer. Keep in mind that these organizations look at many potential purchases and only buy a very small percentage of the businesses they evaluate. An owner wishing to sell to one of these groups should maximize the value of their business by eliminating deficiencies and increasing the profitability of the business. We can help an owner with this process.

It is our goal to sell your business for the highest price. We use the M&A Process to achieve that result.